Over the past few weeks, we have been helping local businesses understand and become confident in the use of their social media.

We believe that working with businesses on a one-to-one basis makes for better learning. We have found that holding group training sessions and giving out generic information blurs the experience of the learner. Learning on an individual business basis allows time to address the needs specific to the organisation and allows for specific questions to be asked and answered.

Bespoke training has proved a success – sitting down with our client and working out their individual needs makes sense to us and more importantly, to them. We address their current social media strategy – positives and negatives. We then and go through their required social media processes step-by-step. We will be focusing on how, what and when to post; how to schedule posts; how best to respond; how to manage your messages and how to engage with different audiences – past, current and potential.

Social Media is growing in importance for business, make sure you understand where it sits in yours. Message us for more details.