No one is too old to learn how to use Facebook or Twitter. Social media is a brilliant way for people to keep in touch, especially older people who want to stay up to date with what their children and grandchildren are up to. As we get older we lose touch with our friends and social media is a great way for people to reconnect with school friends, work colleagues and friends who have moved away.


Social media has revolutionised the way families stay informed of what each other is doing. Social media networks enable older people to watch family videos, read updates, look at family pictures and have online conversations with people who they thought that they may never see again. Social media is accessible to all and there are growing number of older adults learning to use it daily – realising that it can be fun and that it has real benefits.


Older people can use social media to keep their mind active, play games, keep up to date with the news, learn new hobbies, investigate their family tree, or research information related to their health condition to keep them fit, well and more importantly independent. Those who are less able to leave home on their own, no longer have to feel lonely if they can’t get out.


There’s nothing better than the feeling of nostalgia. YouTube is a brilliant platform for older people to reminisce and watch old television shows and films. They can use other media to research their favourite entertainers, read articles and recapture their youth. Older people can also share information about their own lives with younger people, giving them a purpose and keeping the memories alive for years to come.


Social media can be an avenue for people to ask questions. Many people can reach out via Facebook or Twitter to representatives of businesses or services and ask questions without feeling intimidated. From online conversations, older people can plan real-life meetups with like-minded people and people of their own age. They can stay in touch with communities and take opportunity to build new ones.


Our trainer for older people specialises in teaching those who live in their own home, but she does also provide training for those in supported living and care facilities also. Aside from being a social media trainer, she is an independent living advisor and has knowledge of the needs of older people.

As she works with vulnerable adults, she has had an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Disclosure level check appropriate for this role.

Training can take place in your own home, or at a venue of your choice. To enable effective training, we will need to have access to the internet via wi-fi. You will need to have an iPad, laptop, computer or device, which can be used to enter your personal settings for the social media platforms.

Social Media for Older People