Your social media profile
Social media profiles can make or break your business branding. The profile that is rushed or overlooked, will reflect poorly on the brand. If you don’t take the time to plan your social media profile well, you may not be portraying the right public image –businesses benefit from investing time in getting their profile perfect and creating a positive persona.

The platform from which you choose to post, update and message must clearly reflect your company’s image and values. Your social media profile could be the first encounter that a potential customer has with your brand and first impressions count. Therefore, it is important to think of each of your social media pages as an individual landing page for your brand, with each profile delivering a clear message to generate quality interaction.

We will help you to create the best business profile to reflect your professional culture. We help you find the right name and username for your profile, as we want people to know how to readily find you. We will help you write a succinct description of your company and ensure that it is put onto all the relevant sections on your chosen social media platforms. Your bio will tie-in your main keywords, but not take up too many characters to help you make the best use of the space provided and grow more followers.

We will help you decide on an appropriate profile picture; whether that be your logo or of yourself, as people like to engage with people. We will ensure consistency by using the same image across your various social platforms and work with you to ensure that your posts are visible to the public.

We will ensure that your social media is linked to your website and that your content directs people to your website and your products, as if people are looking at your social media profiles, there’s a probability of them being interested in your products. Effective social media results in a high likelihood of a customer.