Our social media training is designed to empower you and give you the platform to be your company’s online voice, giving you the skills to engage with your audience and grow your customer base. Whether you are a new or an experienced user we can help you improve the way you use social media for your business.


Our training is tailored around your business, to ensure you get exactly what you need. Which channels are going to work for you? What are your aims for your social media. Our training is about your voice and where you want it to be heard.


We don’t just teach you how to use the respective social platforms, we show you how to create engaging content and how to interact effectively with your audience.


We specialise in one-to-one training with our clients to enable you to get the maximum return for your time. We also come to you for your convenience and we are happy for several members of your team to join in.


Whilst we can cover all of the main social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we will work closely with you to establish where your market lies and focus you on your target audience.


Tailoring training to your individual needs and listening to what you want to achieve from your training session is beneficial to your use of social media in the future.

We can answer your questions in a non-pressurised, un-rushed environment, ensuring that you understand social media to the level you wish. Learning on your own or in a small group has benefits. We can focus on what is relevant to you and not waste time on topics that are not appropriate to you.

Social Media for Individuals
Social Media for Business


We will work with you to show you how to interact with your customers, to have positive engagement and to develop a trustworthy relationship, so that customers turn to you as their first thought when intending to purchase.

We will help you use social media to network well online and increase your confidence to engage well with the key people in your target market. We will help you to identify business opportunities and make the most of building your connections.

Do You Need Someone To Manage Your Social Media?


Learning Social Media isn’t simply a case of learning how to post on the various platforms. Social Plymouth shows you how to establish your business with an engaging and meaningful social media strategy

  • Before planning your strategy, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with your business aims.
  • Map out the opportunities and risks facing your business and identify how social media could help maximise the opportunities and mitigate risks?
  • Set your goals. Be as specific as you can, as wanting to just ‘raise your business profile’ or increase followers on Twitter’ is not enough.
  • Know what you want to say to your audience. Your key messages should be in your communications or marketing strategy.
  • Identify your audience. Map out who you want to reach, with as much demographic or sector information as possible. Identify who are your priorities and how you could use social media to engage with them.
  • Identify how you want your brand to be viewed and how your USP compares to those of your competitors.
  • Measure the success of your strategy, by going back to the goals you set out identify the metrics that you need to assess them and what you need to put in place to do it

It’s easy to get busy on social media, but to be effective takes planning.

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Do you want to make more of Social Media? Whether it’s for your own individual needs or for business purposes, Social Plymouth have a training programme for you.